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We are one of the top decorative concrete solutions provider in the United States.

We are in fact one of the child companies under Xtreme Polishing Systems which is well known for making and distributing industrial supplies and equipment. These include different industrial coatings, decorative concrete tools and supplies.

With the best in-class customer service, Xtreme Polishing Systems or “XPS” for short gets you the right tools you need to get the job done fast without diminishing the quality of the work! If you are a novice looking to up your skill in all things epoxy and polished concrete, XPS offers a 1-week state-of-the-art training course at its Polished Concrete University.

We have many different branches with our main one located in Pompano Beach Florida. Our other campuses are located in Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, and New York to name a few. Give us a call and let’s get you ready for your next flooring or DIY project!

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We can customize the look and feel of many different types of flooring. We can also coat countertops, tables, and make epoxy resin art projects that can be displayed in your business or home if needed!

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